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Primary Parent Child Investor (PPCI) is a registered business entity with business registration number MBRS 12089781, incorporated in accordance with the Laws of Malawi.


PPCI envisions to be one of the most reliable and affordable education scheme that caters for Secondary School learners in Malawi


To reduce the number of school dropouts by enhancing access to Secondary School Education through provision of an education scheme to both rural and urban learners in Malawi.

Our Values

PPCI believes in access to Secondary School Education by all children in Malawi and is desirous to provide the education scheme with utmost honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency

About Us

The Easiest Way to Manage Your children’s education Fund

PPCI is here to support and promote education in Malawi by providing an education scheme to nominated wards of its members who would be selected to pursue Secondary School Education in any government or private school in Malawi

Our Vision

PPCI envisions to be one of the most reliable and affordable education scheme that caters for Secondary School learners in Malawi

Our Mission

To reduce the number of school dropouts by enhancing access to Secondary School Education through provision of an education scheme to both rural and urban learners in Malawi.

Our Objectives

PPCI stands to do the following

These are our core values and objectives


To support and promote quality education in Malawi by providing a scheme that will cover tuition fees for Secondary School education


To reduce school dropouts and advocate for access to education among the low income families in Malawi


To help reduce poverty by providing an affordable and accessible method of raising Secondary School fees


The scheme is open to all parents/guardians whose children are in standard 1-7 in any primary school in Malawi

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Operation of the Scheme

  • The target group of the scheme is for parents/guardians whose children are in standard five (5) in any government or private primary school in Malawi.
  • The scheme will set a minimum monthly contribution which its members shall pay.
  • The minimum monthly contribution from its members will be deemed as a savings for the member.
  • The member shall make the monthly contributions from the time his or her ward is enrolled in standard one (1) up to the time the child completes standard seven (7).
  • The scheme shall cover the tuition fees for the Secondary School education of the child, that is from Form one (1) to Form four (4).
  • The scheme may adjust the monthly contributions depending on the strength of the Malawi Kwacha but in any event the adjustment shall not be unreasonable.
  • The scheme shall cover for the four (4) years the child shall be in Secondary School and where the child repeats, the parents/guardians shall cover the tuition fees for the repeat.
  • The scheme shall provide money for uniform and stationery only at the time the child is starting Form one (1) first term.
  • The scheme covers tuition fees set by the government payable in government Secondary Schools. Where the learner did not make it to government Secondary School, the scheme shall cover only tuition fees payable in government Secondary School. The additional tuition fees shall be paid by the parents/guardians.
  • The scheme shall provide assistance to the Secondary School learners during the holidays.




Growing up today into adulthood is more challenging than it ever used to be in the past, in the past young people tended to move directly from childhood to adult roles. However, today the interval between childhood and the assumption of adult roles is more challenging and lengthening. This is due to a number of factors like; increased poverty, social inequalities, low quality education, gender discrimination, widespread unemployment, weakened health systems, and rapid globalization. PPCI is much aware of this issue and has put in place mechanisms in the PSPF scheme to tackle issues that deals with growing up in its behavioral change program BEHAVIOUR ASSESMENT. Where PPCI Field officer take their part in conducting counselling sessions with the PPCI client and beneficiaries on the behavior change and all those cases are followed up to make sure there are settled.


Following up on a child’s education is very important for the success of education. Almost every activity; plan, policy, plan or program without a proper follow up is most likely deemed to fail. This is why the PPCI in its scheme provide education performance assessments to make sure that success is realized and with Excellency. To achieve this, PPCI field officers visit the teachers of the beneficiaries in their respect schools to conduct performance assessments with their teachers. This involves an analysis of the performance of the respective child in his or her subjects with the core aim of identifying whether there is progress being made. The main aim of this program is to analyses the performance of the beneficiary himself or herself as on what subjects that chap should be helped or facing problems.


In reference with the research or assessment conducted in each and every task at hand there is an action plan to be conducted. PPCI Malawi in respect with the research conducted it offers part-time lessons during the holidays.

These lessons are conducted for each and every one whose beneficiary tuition for secondary education is being invested with PPCI Malawi. The part-time sessions shall be conducted in their respective schools with their tutor upon discussion between the PPCI Malawi Officials for the payment and the modes that shall be used by tutors, upon finishing the part-time lessons PPCI Malawi shall be responsible to pay the tutors upon the agreed rate based with the duration.


This activity is outlined based with polices of PPCI Malawi to foster education related to sustainable development goal number 4 that is promoting quality education where each and every client and beneficiary shall sit for educational counselling, health counselling and behavior change and monitoring activities. This counselling is provided for free to everyone whether registered or unregistered. Where Malawi as a country shall face outbreak PPCI Malawi shall take role in providing counselling with its professional counsellors. As there is change in the age interval in Malawi most of the parents do not counsel their children on the behavior and moral values, PPCI Malawi is entitled on providing counselling to improve the well-being of our beneficiaries as it is believed that; they are future leaders.


Many people feel that primary school is too early to start thinking about careers. Sometimes this is expressed as a desire to ‘let children be children’ as they will have plenty of time to worry about careers later in life. This concern ignores the reality that even if formal career education does not start until students are 11 or 12, they will already have learnt informally about careers.

PPCI Malawi ensures that children are learning about career even if they never discuss it at school. The value of involving schools is that we can ensure that career learning is less random, less partial, more equal, more accurate and more able to challenge young people’s implicit stereotypes and assumptions. The purpose of primary career education is not to dissuade young people from fantastical aspirations or from using their imagination to dream big; rather it is about demonstrating new and exciting possibilities and preventing children from closing off possibilities.

  • TOLL FREE NUMBER LINE – under Complaint Feedback Mechanism (CFM)

Primary Parent Child Investor (PPCI) developed this guide to help its clients, across all programs, responses and contexts in which it operates. CFMs help ensure programmatic and operational decisions are informed by local perspectives and priorities, and contribute to the protection of program participants from harmful impacts and conduct.

Effective complaint mechanisms are a key tool to identify and prevent corruption and other malpractice. By providing citizens with channels to report any incidence or suspicion of corruption or other malpractice, complaint mechanisms allow for the identification of problems which might otherwise not surface, and for subsequent corrective action to be taken, PPCI is having a toll-free line of 4269 for both TNM and Airtel lines.


General Question

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What is the registration fees to join PPCI ?

The registration is free for all our students

What can I do if i want to terminate my investment Fund ?

  • Each party shall be entitled to terminate the scheme upon giving each other three months’ notice. Click for more

What to do if there is a dispute?

  • Any dispute arising from misunderstanding or management of the scheme shall be resolved amicably. Click for more 

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